Sailing Members should also be members of SA Sailing.

Paid Up SAS membership is essential if you want to participate in Sailing regattas.  There are many advantages in terms of access to training and information on Sailing.   You are also supporting the sport in South Africa.

Please let us know if you pay your SAS levies directly, otherwise the club will collect the levies from members and pay over to SA Sailing.


Latest info from SAS on fees is below:

10 April 2017
Dear SAS Club Commodores

Annual increase in SAS levies
Below is the table detailing the new SAS subscriptions applicable for the financial year, being 2017/ 2018.
Clubs are requested to ensure that SAS subscriptions are collected from all their members and paid over timeously into the SAS Bank account together with a breakdown of members’ names and type of Membership.
Clubs are further requested to ensure that, for Family Members, the correct SAS fees are collected.
Without fees SAS would not be able to do what it does, which is to protect and grow the sport.
Take into consideration that SAS is one of the few remaining sporting codes that is run by Volunteers.
If we were run at a professional level, we would probably need to increase levies by a substantially greater percent.
Unfortunately, SAS does not have the capacity to collect fees, and relies entirely on the support of Club structures to do this.

Two key reasons why it’s important to pay SAS levies:
1. The sport would lose its coherence and gradually disintegrate; and
2. We would lose our relevance with Government and NGO’s.

So, we ask, in the interest of sailing, to please make an effort to collect SAS fees from your Members.

Below is a table detailing the new subscriptions applicable for the 2017/2018 financial year (2016/2017 amounts are indicated in brackets).

Individual Member R440.00 (R403.00)
Family Member -1,5 x Individual Membership R660.00 (R606.00)
Student Member - School 20% of Individual Membership R90.00 (R82.00)
Student Member - Tertiary 30% of Individual Membership R130.00 (R123.00)
Youth Member Under 19 50% of Individual Membership R220.00 (R203.00)
Other Not covered by the above 40% of Individual Membership R180.00 (R162.00)

Yours in Sailing,
Carl Bosma
SAS National treasurer